Free Cinema 4D Model: Grammy Award


Look, we both know you can’t sing but that shouldn’t stop you from getting a Grammy Award!  Fully lit, textured, and ready to render!  Includes an HDRI and name plate texture that can easily be edited in Photoshop.  This file is compatible with R12 & above and I also included an FBX, .3DS, Alembic, and .OBJ file for those with R11 and below or any other 3D software.  The OBJ format is After Effects and Element ready, so you can use this inside of After Effects using Cineware and with VideoCopilots’ “Element” plugin!


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Sports Elements Pack Vol. 01 for After Effects & Cinema 4D


Introducing Sports Elements Pack Vol. 01, totally FREE!

My buddy Adam Schmisek ( | & I collaborated on this pack of free sports elements. Included in Sports Pack Vol. 01 is a Cinema 4D jumbotron model as well as 2 customizable After Effects templates with the jumbrotron screen elements seen here in the jumbotron render. There’s a full HD & arena ribbon sized version that you can customize the text and colors of the animations easily!

Included in Sports Pack:

• Cinema 4D & OBJ format 3D Jumbotron Model
• 2 After Effects Text Transition Project Templates
• Basketball Arena HDRI

Download Sports Pack Vol. 01 here

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Free Cinema 4D Model: Laurel Wreath

Free Olive Wreath

You are all winners!  Here’s a free Laurel Wreath that is used to signify victory and achievement that you’ll probably recognize from it being used for many film awards such as Sundance.

This model is Mograph ready, so you’ll be able to easily animate on the individual leaves with effectors!  Materials are included.  This file is compatible with R12 & above and I also included an FBX, .3DS and an .OBJ file for those with R11 and below or any other 3D software.  And an added bonus, a C4D and OBJ format that is After Effects and Element ready, so you can use this inside of After Effects and with VideoCopilots’ “Element” plugin!

Download Laurel Wreath Model here.

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Cinema 4D 101: Using Cappucino to Create Realtime Animation & Keyframe Reduction Techniques

In this new Cinema 4D 101 tutorial, I’ll be going over a more than likely untouched feature inside of Cinema 4D called Cappucino.  It’s mainly used in conjunction with character animating, so unless you do a lot of that, I’m sure the only cappucino you know is the hot, tasty kind.  But there are so many other useful uses for it!  So what does it do?  Cappucino is simply a method of recording mouse movement in your viewport and converts it to keyframe data.  Used creatively, it can be extremely useful!  In this tutorial I’ll be showing you multiple ways to use Cappucino to easily add movement to an object, create a “write-on” effect, and ability to keyframe dynamics simulations live and interactively in your scene as you the simulation play out.  I’ll also go over some simple keyframe reduction techniques.

Text Edge Pro | Bevel Kit for Cinema 4D

Text Edge Pro

Beautiful bevels in Cinema 4D & Cineware.  Infinite options.

Take your 3D text to the next level with this all-in-one bevel toolkit.

Text Edge Pro is a must have tool for anyone who works with 3D type or logos inside of Cinema 4D.  This is a preset that creates brilliant looking text and logos super fast, perfect for broadcast, movie trailers, print, or any workflow that requires creating beautiful 3D text.  With it you can add custom outer, inner bevels, and edges to any text that goes above and beyond the stock bevel options in C4D.  The best part?  It’s non-destructive!  What does that mean?  Develop your text bevel look and you easily edit it, change the font or text just like you would with the MoText object while keeping the bevel intact making iteration a breeze!  Along with applying bevels on your type, you can also put bevels on any spline shape you bring in, whether it be a logo made in Adobe Illustrator or a spline shape made directly in Cinema 4D.   Start by using any of over 50 bevel preset scene files that are included, or start from scratch creating your own bevel, texturing your text with over 50 materials, and light it using over 20 HDRI’s, Text Edge Pro has everything you need to create amazing 3D text!

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Text Edge previewPlastic

universe Kingdom

iron manthor

What’s new in Text Edge Pro?

Text Edge Pro takes your text to a whole new level.   It’s faster, includes over 15 new features, and now has Mograph and Dynamics support built in.    With it’s extremely intuitive controls, endless customizable options, and over 50 text bevel preset scene files, 50 materials, 20 HDRI files, 15 custom inner bevels, plus the ability to make & use your own custom bevel shapes, it’s essential for anyone who needs to make amazing looking text or logos inside of Cinema 4D or Cineware.


Version Compatibility & Cinema 4D Lite

Text Edge Pro requires Cinema 4D R12 (Broadcast or Studio version) and above.  Text Edge Pro is fully compatible with R13 (Broadcast or Studio version) and above including Cinema 4D Lite meaning you can create gorgeous text for use in Adobe After Effects CC.  NOTE: Preset scene files require Broadcast or Studio version.


Feature List

• Built in Mograph & dynamics.
• Cinema 4D Lite compatible.
• Over 50 Text Edge preset scene files
• Over 20 HDRI files for super sexy reflections
• Over 50 materials to texture all your bevels
• Non destructive, easily change the letters or font while keeping your custom bevel look in tact making iteration a breeze
• New material manager helps you make texturing all of your text’s bevels in a jiffy
• Compatible with Cinema 4D R15′s new kerning feature
• Text field input automatically updates Text Edge layer name
• Low rez proxy option to speed up viewport scene when working with mograph & dynamics
• Full text alignment options for use with Mograph Effectors
• Option to have back bevel mirror front bevel
• Editable capping & fillet edges
• Over 15 custom inner bevel splines included
• Ability to use your own custom bevels
• Simple & intuitive interface & controls
• Rebuilt from the bottom up for improved speed


Preset List

Beautiful bevels in Cinema 4D & Cineware.  Infinite options.

Take your 3D text to the next level with this all-in-one bevel toolkit.

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MAXON NAB 2013 Rewind


NAB keeps getting better and better every year!  It was amazing to hang out with all of the people that make the tools that make our jobs pretty awesome along with having the honor of presenting with talented artists for MAXON again this year!  If you haven’t seen the presentations yet, all of the Cinema 4D NAB 2013 sessions are now up on Cineversity here:

MAXON NAB Rewind 2013

This years speakers included an all star line up of talented folks in the mograph biz including:

Nick Campbell, Colin Sebestyen, Barton Damer, Kevin Aguirre, Donovan Keith, Brian McCauley, Mike Szabo, Rob Hranitzky, John Lapore, and myself.

In my presentation, I demo a few different ways you can achieve amazing results using the very underused Inheritance Effector.  A Twitter followed called it an “Inheritance Effector workout”!  Well put, I’d say!

Cinema 4D Training on

You all may have noticed I’ve been quiet on the tutorials front the past couple months, but not without good reason! I’ve been very busy preparing my first in depth project based Cinema 4D course for, and I’m super excited to announce that it has finally released!  Check it out here!

I am honored to be a part of the Lynda community and getting the opportunity to share my creative process through my courses!

What’s It About?

So you might be thinking, “What’s it about and why should I watch it?”  Well, for one, it’s my first project based Cinema 4D course.  Unlike my tutorials I host here on my blog which are fairly short, quick blurbs on a certain workflow technique or tip; in my Lynda course I’ll show you from start to finish the process I go about creating a finished and polished animation.  From setting up and animating a project in Cinema 4D, preparing it for render, and importing and putting on the finishing touches inside of After Effects.  In this course, I’ll show you how to create a network promo bumper for a fictitious TV network using Mograph effectors efficiently so to animate the entire thing, all it takes is two keyframes, along with some workflow tips and tricks along the way.

How Do You Learn?

I’ve found that I learn a ton from watching people go through the process of creating a project from start to finish and developing my first course demonstrating how I do it was very interesting because I literally had to write down all my steps, all the things I do to create an animation.  When I watch other people work, I love observing all the little habits and processes someone goes through while working in Cinema 4D or After Effects.  Being a freelancer, I don’t have the benefit of sitting around a bunch of other artists and being exposed to how other people work day to day and learning from them, so I hope seeing my process is just as beneficial for those of you out there in similar situations.

Future Courses

Some people have already asked me if I have any more courses in the pipeline, and I’m happy to say that I’m planning on releasing a total of 8 courses this year for Lynda.  It’ll be a challenge, but I’m definitely excited to take it on.  The course I released is almost 2 hours of content, so it was definitely an adjustment coming from doing 5-15 minute tutorials for my blog.  My Lynda producer was great in mentoring me in the process of creating professional training content so I’m looking forward to my continued improvements in how I can deliver information and knowledge to you all in the future!

What’s This Mean For the Blog?

It means better content for you!  I’m going to continue producing my own short Cinema 4D based content here on just like I’ve always been, I’m committed to creating better and better content and my experiences working with the great folks will only make me better at creating training content.  I already have tons of tutorial ideas backlogged in my brain!  Not to mention a big update to Text Edge FX that should be coming out soon!


For those of you who check out my course (or for just those who watch tutorials on my blog), please let me know if there’s anything I can do better, or if there’s anything you’d like to see for any of my next Lynda courses or even my tutorials here on my blog.  What’s something you’d really like to learn?  What’s some workflows you’d like to see me demonstrate?  I’d greatly appreciate any and all input you can give!

What is has a multitude of excellent training content for everyone, not just motion graphics artists.  For example, they have great courses on how to be a freelancer, how to conduct business meetings, photography, setting up video shoots, and the list goes on and on!  Not only that, but they’ve joined up with to add even MORE great content (including multilingual content) to the universe.  And even if you’re just interested in After Effects and Cinema 4D, they have some AMAZING artists on there sharing their knowledge such as my fellow authors Chris & Trish Meyers, Chad Perkins, Mark Christiansen, and Rob Garrot.  In the coming year there is going to be a ton of new AE and C4D content to go along with the highly anticipated updates for both pieces of software, so stay tuned!

Thank You

When I first launched my blog a little over a year ago, I didn’t imagine that it would grow as much as it did, that I would be presenting for MAXON, working for, or having all the other great opportunities I’ve been given along the way.  I couldn’t have done it without the support of all you out there pushing me to keep doing what I’m doing and seeing that people are learning a bit of something here on my blog.  I did this in an attempt to pay forward all the training that has been provided to me for free online when I have been learning Cinema 4D the past few years, to give back to the awesome motion graphics community that inspired me all these years.  Thank you!

Cinema 4D Quick Tip 04: Create a 2D Transparency Fade Effect on 3D Objects

When changing objects transparency using a Display Tag or using an effector, you’ll most likely run into the undesirable effect of the seeing unwanted parts of the 3D geometry being revealed when that transparency is adjusted.  Most of the time, the only way you’d think to get around this would be by rendering everything out and compositing and adjusting opacity in After Effects.  In this Quick Tip, I show you how you can avoid that and make your 3D geometry fade like it was a 2D object without revealing the unwanted parts of the object geometry.

See my previous quick tip on using effectors to fade on Motext referenced in this quick tip.



Cinema 4D Holiday Ornament Shader Pack Vol. 2

Holiday Shader Pack Vol. 2

As a big “thank you” to you, the motion graphics community, I’ve updated my holiday ornament pack, now with even more goodness!  Volume 2 expands upon the very successful volume 1 pack released two years ago.

New in Volume 2:
• improved textures
• more than double the textures (over 50 now!)
• 3 new ornament types

Volume 2 Includes:
• a nicely lit scene file with four base ornament bulb models ready for texturing
• all the textures from volume 1, plus the new volume 2 textures all within the .lib4d

Download Cinema 4D Holiday Ornament Shader Pack Volume 2

To install, just place the .lib4d file into your “browser” folder, restart C4D and it should show up in your Content Browser.  You can mix and match colors and textures to produce hundreds of combinations of ornaments types!  Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 6.26.41 PM

Make sure to check out my free holiday model pack for Cinema 4D from a couple years ago below.  It has presents, ribbon bows, and Christmas lights!

Download Cinema 4D Holiday Model Pack

Holiday Pack Ornaments

Disclaimer:  There were a couple of these textures where Biomekk’s EnhanceC4D was used.   You’ll need to buy EnhanceC4D from for a few of these textures to work.

Thanks to @ridvanmaloku from for allowing me to use his tree model.  He did an awesome tutorial on how he made his Christmas tree using Cinema 4D’s Hair module.  Check it out here:  Tree Tutorial

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