Create Wood Block or Cast Metal Type In Cinema 4D

You know I like me some text tutorials!  Here’s another one where I’ll teach you how to recreate a wood block or cast metal embossed type style and create it procedurally so it is easily edited and iterated without having to create a bump channel map for every letter or ever leaving Cinema 4D for Photoshop.  Using this workflow, it’s possible to perfect the look of one type block and use it as a template for the other type blocks you need for your scene by simply duplicating it and changing the shape of the block and the letter or font.

Download C4D Project File


8 thoughts on “Create Wood Block or Cast Metal Type In Cinema 4D

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  3. Hi Ed, there are no more playback controls on the vid ?
    Not being harsh but it feels really uncomfortable not being able to scrub through and to see the actual lenght of it

    • That’s odd. The controls show up for me. I did change some options but ill change them back to the default settings. Thanks for watching!

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