Text Edge Effects in Cinema 4D

Don’t be limited by the Convex, Linear, and Engraved Filet Cap edges in MoType anymore. In my first ever tutorial, I show you how to use a different fast and easy method to unlock more potential in your text designs in Cinema 4D.

Check out my preset based off this tutorial, Text Edge Pro, here!

Text Edge Effects

15 thoughts on “Text Edge Effects in Cinema 4D

  1. Wow, I find it funny how blown away I am by this. I have been doing things the hard way when creating outlined text. Thanks for the tip!

  2. So practical and with such a detailed explanation – “this weekend @ EJ’s” has been extremely educational … and HUGELY appreciated.
    Thank you!

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  8. Super Tutorial! Great effect! Turn even boring type into an great art piece. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to more tutorials. Could you maybe do one about how you set up a scene and your render settings? The second picture has such a nice crisp feel, how do you accomplish that?

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  11. Nice one. One of the greatest type creation and enhancement I have see. So goooood. Keep it up buddy!!!!

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